Sunday, September 22, 2013

Grumpy Cat, Howard the Shelter Cat & Being Fab-u-lous

Grumpy Cat just
signed an endorsement deal
I pretty much spent last week in class learning advanced real estate stuff for advanced certification, so I can be a fab-u-lous realtor. But despite aspiring to the fab-u-louso status, sitting in a classroom = learning about all the stuff I should be doing, but can't be doing because, well, I'm sitting in a classroom.

It's the ol' Catch-22 syndrome. 

And, of course, while sitting in the classes learning to be fab-u-lous, the list-maker that lurks deep within me started a list-making frenzy complete with highlights and arrows. I have an "Ah-Hah!" list. I have an "Aps I Need" list. I have a "Must Learn" list. I have an "Action Items" list. 

Howard the Shelter Cat napping
All of that just means that I now really need a "Things That Make My Head Explode" list. Jeepers Creepers.

I wouldn't have to worry about all of that if Howard the Shelter cat would just wake up from his cat-nap and get with the program and start earning his keep. You know, like Grumpy Cat, who recently got a sweet endorsement deal with Friskies and who supposedly already is earning six figures. Hails bails, I'd be happy if Howard the Shelter cat would just earn a couple of figures.

Howard the Shelter Cat
earning zero
I think I'll start a new list: "Howard the Shelter Cat's Earning Potential."

I think it'll be a short list.

As in Zero. Nadda. Zip. Zilch. 

Guess I'm going to have to work harder at being fab-u-lous.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Don't let procrastination stop you

While I was hosting an open house waiting for the next wave of prospective buyers to waltz through,  I ran across this nifty little cartoon posted on Mashable illustrating the 12 types of procrastinators.

I know I have been each one of those little cartoon guys at some point in my life although I'm not much of a napper. I wish I were, though. I envy people who  can slide in a power nap here or there and wake up refreshed.

Me? Well, I just can't do it. I'm either down for the count ,or I lie there ticking off all the things I have to do and never fall asleep. So it's no surprise that I'm The List Maker on the procrastinator sheet.

Whatever category you fall under, don't let your procrastination stand between selling your property and finding your dream home. Remember, interest rates are still at historic lows and existing home prices are climbing back up. It's a great time to get moving!